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  • The Application of Hourglass in the Field of Navigation Aug 01, 2022
    Time waits for no man, so the saying goes. But, as some of us know, telling time can be a fascinating pastime, especially watching the sands of decorative hourglass timer of flow from the top of the glass to the bottom. The hour glass is thought to have originated in Europe and was invented around the 8th century. The hourglass is popular on ships because it is precise and not susceptible to the m...
  • The History of Hourglass Jul 30, 2022
    The hourglass sand timer is said to have been invented by Alexander in the third century, where they sometimes carry it with them, just like the watches that people carry with them today. The hour sand clock is speculated that in the 12th century, at the same time as the advent of the compass, it was invented as an instrument for nighttime sea navigation (in the daytime, sailors can estimate the t...
  • Are You A Phone Addict? Jul 30, 2022
    In the era of rapid development of the Internet, you only need a mobile phone, you can know most of the information of the world. People used to keep time with watches or hourglass sand timers. But now you have to time it and the first thing people do is turn on their phones. A large number of people spend more and more time on their phones, they become quite dependent on phones. Mobile phones pro...
  • Exquisite Bamboo Weaving Jul 29, 2022
    Bamboo weaving is a craft in which treated bamboo pieces are woven into various utensils and crafts. Bamboo weaving has not only great practical value, but also profound historical information. In recent years, handicrafts have also gained a lot of popularity. For example, sand glass decor is increasingly appearing on desktops. Bamboo weaving is also a popular handicraft in recent years. In the hi...
  • Human Under the Burning Sun
    Human Under the Burning Sun Jul 29, 2022
    Human Under the Burning Sun Brazilian artist Néle Azevedo is best known for big public art pieces. She casts hundreds of small human figures from ice and puts them in city squares all over the world, where they quickly melt. Her installations have been adopted by environmentalists as a kind of activist climate-change art. The artist carves hundreds of 20-centimeter-tall figures seated with their a...
  • The Concept of Community Education Jul 28, 2022
    Community education is a variety of educational activities aimed at promoting the development of the people and the community by using the resources of the community education, culture and so on, for all the citizens of the community. Communities are real scenes of people's lives. Community can cultivate their ability to solve practical problems and communicate with people, and it is a good place ...
  • Would You Like to Play A Guitar Fingerstyle Instead of Singing? Jul 28, 2022
    Fingerstyle Guitar is a genre of guitar playing in which a single guitar is used to play a multi-voice piece while directing the power of the guitar to express the lighter voices. There are also twelve-string acoustic guitar (steel guitar) playing, guitar, etc. Playing is also standard for playing guitar accompaniment. In addition, using guitar to play, American blues, country music, and folk musi...
  • The Summer Camp Jul 27, 2022
    Summer Camp, originated in America. In the summer of 1861, Frederick W. Gunn, a schoolteacher from Connecticut, led children on a two-week hiking, sailing, fishing and other outdoor activities to balance their bodies and minds. Children can benefit a lot from participating in camp activities and using a game hourglass timer to schedule them properly. There are different categories of summer camps ...
  • How to Cherish the Rest of Your Vacation Jul 26, 2022
    The holidays are the most popular time for students. During the holidays, there is no homework in class and no homework that cannot be finished. So this is the most favorite time for students, because they can enjoy life completely and do what they want to do. However, the good times are always short lived. In a blink of an eye, half of the holiday is over before we even know it. If you don't alre...
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