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  • The Benefits Of Using A Sand Timer For Children With Special Needs Jun 09, 2022
    The Benefits Of Using A Sand Timer For Children With Special Needs BY BRENDA KOSKY DESKIN Visual Sand timers can play a vital role in the lives of many individuals who have special needs, making participation in important events and necessary activities more tolerable and manageable for all involved. In this post I cover five situations where a visual timer will be very very helpful. 1. Transition...
  • Hourglass symbolism May 25, 2022
    Hourglass symbolism The hourglass is synonymous with cycles and balance Energy passes between the two sides of the hourglass sand timer just as the energies of our world are contained by the atmosphere and crust. All of the natural processes and cycles occur there (not including what happens in space, of course), which gives us a greater sense of relation with our environment. This also forces us ...
  • Symbolic Meanings of the Hourglass May 20, 2022
    The ancient alchemists held a very unique association to the hourglass. The top half of the hourglass was seen as the sky, where the bottom half was representative of earth. The energy continues to pass from one to another and represents duality, balance, and the cycles of life that pass from the mundane to ethereal. Duality and balance are also key meanings for yin yang tattoos and libra scale ta...
  • First hourglass May 26, 2022
    First hourglass The first hourglass, or sand clock, is said to have been invented by a French monk called Liutprand in the 8th century AD. However, concrete evidence of this revolutionary new form of clock, which measures time by the descent of sand from one glass bulb to another, first appeared in European ship inventories from the 14th century. Arriving just in time for the “Age of Discovery”, t...
  • Suliao Received A $120,000 Order from An Japanese Customer
    Suliao Received A $120,000 Order from An Japanese Customer Jul 22, 2022
    Today Suliao received an order of US$120,000 from a Japanese customer. The customer is a chain hotel in Japan. The hotel reported that the quality of Suliao's hourglass is very good, and the hotel guests are quite satisfied with it. Some customers who lived in the hotel, even wanted to buy the hourglass from the hotel. The hotel is our new client, but we have a long-term deal and they want Suliao ...
  • What can we do in an hour?
    What can we do in an hour? Jul 23, 2022
    An hour is very short, a short segment of the clockwise movement on the dial. An hour is a long time. A lot can be done in 3,600 seconds. You can take a 1 hour sandglass timer and to read a book in an hour, have a cup of coffee, take a yoga class, listen to a dozen songs, write a plan... Let's try out what we can do together for an hour to give ourselves a sense of ritual and use a 60-minute hourg...
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