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The Concept of Community Education Jul 28, 2022
Community education is a variety of educational activities aimed at promoting the development of the people and the community by using the resources of the community education, culture and so on, for all the citizens of the community. Communities are real scenes of people's lives. Community can cultivate their ability to solve practical problems and communicate with people, and it is a good place to carry out life education. An hourglass sand timer helps your child keep time, and it turns out that your child will learn more in the community than in school or at home for the same amount of time.
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Community education has an important role to play in meeting the most basic learning needs of the public. From the learning of scientific theories to the practical life experience, community education can help the educators to obtain greater benefits and even cultivate their independence. Using a sand timer clock to keep time, they can be fully engaged in their studies and work on their own. This is the kind of change community education can bring to children -- enabling them to solve practical problems on their own.
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The Nordic region (including Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) is not only one of the highly developed regions in the world, but also the first region to carry out community education. It emphasizes that through the power of education, community people can consciously and autonomously participate in the process of improving the political, economic and cultural life of the community. The term community education was formally put forward by Deway, an American in the early 20th century. As the most developed country in the world, the United States has the most perfect community college system in the world. Japanese social education is similar to the concept of community education, which is defined as the main way of lifelong education.
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The main organizations of community education abroad include popular schools and study groups in Northern Europe, community colleges in the United States, and civic pavilions in Japan. In a word, community education is the direction we may choose in the future. Because it really helps education become better and better, and it also reflects the real core content of education. Let your child put down the phone, put down the homework, use a time sand clock to feel the time pass, and get into the arms of community education.

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