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The Summer Camp Jul 27, 2022
Summer Camp, originated in America. In the summer of 1861, Frederick W. Gunn, a schoolteacher from Connecticut, led children on a two-week hiking, sailing, fishing and other outdoor activities to balance their bodies and minds. Children can benefit a lot from participating in camp activities and using a game hourglass timer to schedule them properly.
Colorful Hourglass Sand Timer
There are different categories of summer camps according to the theme. Encouragement summer camp, let the children in the summer camp activities to get different family and school exercise and experience, so that children's comprehensive quality is improved. At a motivational camp, children can get a variety of exercises. It can help children develop good sleep and rest schedules and complete their tasks on time.

Academic summer camp refers to a summer camp with the theme of counseling students for their further study. Usually for middle and high school students, it lasts about four weeks. High school students can not only experience college courses and school life in advance, but also learn about the preparation required for college from the lectures.

Adventure camps can be environmentally themed, such as going to Florida to study the living conditions of marine life; It can also be survival skills and ability training, such as hunting, surfing, etc. Children can also fill an empty sand timer with some sand to bring back as a souvenir; It can be a secret agent, spy themed activity.
30 60 Minutes Modern Sand Timer
Summer camp is a new life experience for children. In the process of camp training, every child can actively participate in, and get a lot of fun and help. This is not in the books and the classroom, the summer camp really improve the students' ability to take care of themselves. In the summer camp, they completed their plans on time with a sandglass timer set without their parents' participation, thus cultivating their strong independence.

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