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Human Under the Burning Sun Jul 29, 2022

Human Under the Burning Sun

Brazilian artist Néle Azevedo is best known for big public art pieces. She casts hundreds of small human figures from ice and puts them in city squares all over the world, where they quickly melt. Her installations have been adopted by environmentalists as a kind of activist climate-change art.

human under the sunhuman under the sun

The artist carves hundreds of 20-centimeter-tall figures seated with their ankles crossed and places them atop outdoor steps and in public spaces.The faceless sculptures drip and pool into small puddles as time passes.It reminds me of the recent heat wave that has gripped almost the entire world, with temperatures reaching a staggering 122 degrees Fahrenheit.In most parts of China today, it still is 104 degrees around 2 p.m.How can you work or play outside in this heat? Stay home if you don't want to get heat stroke. In addition, if your home has air conditioning, you would better do some exercise, to strong physique.

human under the sunhuman under the sun

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