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Exquisite Bamboo Weaving Jul 29, 2022
Bamboo weaving is a craft in which treated bamboo pieces are woven into various utensils and crafts. Bamboo weaving has not only great practical value, but also profound historical information. In recent years, handicrafts have also gained a lot of popularity. For example, sand glass decor is increasingly appearing on desktops. Bamboo weaving is also a popular handicraft in recent years. In the history of bamboo weaving industry, in the form of workshops, mentoring relationships were mostly passed down from generation to generation or based on workshops. After apprentices completed their studies, they set up their own businesses and then recruited apprentices to teach by example.
Sand hourglass timer decor
The laboring people used bamboo to make furniture, weave supplies, and create a variety of weaving techniques with different artistic characteristics. This traditional bamboo weaving craft has a very long history in China, and bamboo weaving culture is very common. The life span of bamboo appliances can reach 30 or 40 years as long as they are carefully kept and used. So take care to preserve, a bamboo appliance can also last as long as a crystal hourglass sand timer, put in the home as a decoration.
Wood sand timer clock
In the past, bamboo baskets, mats and sieves were widely used as daily articles. However, under the rapid economic development, industrialization is also developing rapidly, and people's demand for bamboo products is declining. There are a variety of products to replace the strips, especially plastic products. In fact, wood products are safer and healthier, and have a natural fragrance. A wood sand clock in the home, we can more directly feel nature. So products like bamboo knitting are worth more people to choose.

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