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The China International Consumer Products Expo 2022 Was Held in China's Hainan Province from July 25 to 30 Jul 28, 2022
In 2022, more than 2,800 brands and enterprises from home and abroad participated in the 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo. The head brands of the consumer brands gathered here.

With an international exhibition area of 80,000 square meters, more than 1,600 brands from 61 countries and regions participated in the expo. Brands from different countries and regions will bring their new products. Whether it's a showy piece of jewelry or a crystal hourglass, the product you want will find its presence at the Expo. Compared with the first edition of the Expo, it can be said that there are great progress and changes, from the number of participants to the size of the venue has been greatly increased.
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The China International Consumer Products Expo 2022 has a total of 8 pavilions, divided into 8 different exhibition areas. From the high-end food and health products exhibition area to the fashion and life exhibition area, all aspects of the top brands gathered here. Consumers can choose the products they need. Then the consumers who like to collect vintage can also find their favorite antique hour glasses ornaments.
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On the basis of highlighting the first show of new products, new activities such as global consumer forum and international fashion show will be held. Various activities have enhanced the style of the China International Consumer Products Expo 2022. Consumers should not miss this expo, for those who want to find sandglass for gifts can also pay attention to this expo.

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