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Crystal Hourglass Round Shaped Sand Timer

Handy work assistant: This hourglass timer keeps accurate time and helps you manage your time. This sand watch clock helps you use your time wisely to be more productive and not to waste time in a futile struggle. It helps you to carry out your work in a planned way and keep enthusiasm for your work, which is very helpful for you to develop good working habits without procrastinating.

Versatile Sandglass: This sand timer can use for puzzles, homework, and cooking. It can also be used as a Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and other special holiday gifts for family and friends. In addition, the hour glass with sand can also be used as a decoration for theme hotels, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, classrooms and many other occasions. In short, this practical sand glass timer is valuable.

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    30 days
Crystal Glass Hourglass Personalized Sand Clock

Sand Design Timer Description: 

Beautiful and Exquisite Decoration: This crystal hourglass sand timer is elegant and attractive. The design makes this sand clock look sophisticated and perfect for decoration. It's a great choice for your office or home. This unique hour glasses with sand will enhance the texture of your life by bringing a different feel to your home and office, as well as elevating your mood. It has a beautiful appearance, and in addition to being a great table ornament for the office, it can also be used as a private collection.

Balance Work and Rest: When you spend a lot of time at work, your brain may feel tired after working and running for a long time. Even if you're too tired, you can't concentrate on your work. This sand glass clock can help you relax, relieve fatigue so that you can work better. This sand watch 15 min sand clock helps you to stop and close your eyes after work, or to look out the window at the green scenery to relieve eye fatigue. After a short break, you will increase your productivity.

Wide Range of Usage Scenarios:

Christmas, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving;

Warm up, Skin care, bath, Brushing teeth;
Watch TV, Play games, Finish homework;

Theme park, Bedroom, Classroom, Dining room, Lounge.

Glass hourglass timer decorHour glass sandglass gifts

Decorative Sand Glass Details:

    5/30/60 Min, customized 
    Size 5*9.8 inches, customized 
    Material glass+color sand
    Fit for
    For your Home, school, Desk, office Desk Coffee Table Book Shelf Cabinet Decor

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.