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“The Second Uncle's story" went viral in China Jul 27, 2022

Recently, "Second Uncle's Story" went viral on major social media platforms in China:The video mainly describes his second uncle in a rural area who suffered an accidental disability,but he never give up and still be aoptimistic craftsman.He relied on his hands-on ability to repair electrical appliances for every household and enjoy every day in the village.The vast majority of netizens who watched the video commented on being cured.

In my opinion, suffering itself has no beauty, what really touches people is the spirit of optimism with heavy suffering. However, in rural China, there are too many people at the bottom like "Second Uncle". Most are unmarried, disabled, difficult to seek relief and so on. It is undeniable that the poverty alleviation policies of the past few years have indeed helped the vast majority of the truly disabled or poor.If healing is based on seeing others in greater, more suffering, then what kind of healing is that? I just think it's a psychological problem.People only roughly saw what the second uncle experienced in the video, but they couldn't see what the second uncle really lacked in reality. A young man who was given the wrong injection, a middle-aged man who could not obtain a disability certificate, an old man who saved his pension by working as a carpenter,a mother who depended on each other by his side,and an 88-year-old mother who thought about suicide. There are still many things that the second uncle lacks in real life. What is certain is that the second uncle's life is not as full as the media said, but rather deficient.

We simple and honest Chinese people seem to have always been used to this. Even if their own survival is a problem, they still submit to it. In fact, most of the people at the bottom do not believe in Buddhism. They believe in gods who can bring them wealth, health and happiness. The people at the bottom, you think they are "quiet and far-reaching", but in fact they have lost their edge and arrogance because of the years and suffering.Their helplessness is just not willing to say with people, because decades of experience has told him: everything can only rely on their own.

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