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A Girl Want to Break Up With Boyfriend for Didn't Eat Hot Pot Jul 29, 2022

Recently, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a couple made an appointment to eat snail noodles hot pot. Because the boys were a little squeamish when they went out, there were many people queuing up just in time for the meal when they arrived at the store, but the girlfriend insisted on eating, so they changed three in a row. However, there were a lot of people queuing in the three stores. The girl felt very aggrieved that she didn't eat hot pot in the end, and couldn't help crying and breaking up. Her boyfriend, Mr. Gao, said that he did not expect so many people to line up. His girlfriend cried so sadly at the time that she even proposed to break up, and she felt very aggrieved.

hot pot

On the one hand, I am surprised that such a thing can also be on the hot search. But after a little thought, it becomes clear that boys feel the same way about such things, and girls seem to feel the same way. And the female netizens are definitely not convinced. The female netizens are arguing that it is the boys who made the mistake first and wasted time. Why should they say that we are girls. In short, such a thing can easily lead to opposition between men and women, and the opposition will naturally increase. In addition, this matter is still spread in the form of video, and the name of the shop is very obvious in the video. I have reason to suspect that this is actually an advertising copy. I have to say, this ad is really clever.

hot pot

However, this kind of thing can really happen between couples, so we have to do something. I have a way to try it. Because boys do delay a little time, they must improve the concept of time and exercise their concentration within a certain period of time.

Might as well buy an hourglass timer to assist your training.

If you want to practice, it is recommended to buy 60 minute hourglass sand timer and force yourself to practice for 60 minutes every day.

The way to train is to find something that's harder for you, like a plank, and just start with a 1 minute hourglass timer, staring at the falling sand, and maybe you can stick with it.Or you want to reading some classic book like The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. For this part,you can choose a 60 minute sand timer.You must be concentrate on it or you will be fail.Trust me,a sand glass timer will be your good friend.

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