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Sales of Matryoshka Dolls Drop Sharply Jul 27, 2022
Sales of Matryoshka dolls have fallen sharply in recent days. The much-loved Matryoshka dolls are having a tough time selling. Like the sand clock decoration, Matryoshka dolls are a traditional Russian handicraft familiar to many people.
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Western countries have repeatedly imposed sanctions on Russia since the conflict broke out. Russia's economic and trade development is under great threat. The local arts and crafts industry is also having a hard time selling items such as Hohloma decorative paintings and matryoshka dolls, once known as hour glass ornament for home and office. The industry has been severely affected by various import, export and trade restrictions.
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Matryoshka dolls are Russian specialty wooden toys, generally by a plurality of hollow wooden dolls with the same pattern a set of a composition, up to more than ten, usually cylindrical, flat bottom can be upright. Many friends who like handicrafts or love to collect wood sand timer and wood carvings must have been keen on this product.
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Under the complicated situation and the threat of the epidemic, the development of Matryoshka dolls still needs great efforts. Nowadays, the development of arts and crafts has encountered great difficulties, but in such a situation, as long as the courage to break through innovation will certainly usher in the opportunity for development.

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