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The Second China Arts and Crafts Expo Will Be Held on August 18th Aug 11, 2022
The second China Arts and Crafts Expo will be held in Nanjing from August 18 to 21, 2022. The 2nd China Arts and Crafts Expo will welcome nearly 2,000 exhibitors from all over the country. And about 2,000 exhibitors will arrive in Nanjing, China, to exhibit handcrafts.

There will also be a large number of handicrafts full of Chinese cultural characteristics on display this Expo. If you are interested in collecting, such as hour glasses vintage, sand clock art, hourglass craft, then you must pay attention to this Expo. This Expo can help you find more exquisite handicrafts with Chinese characteristics.

China has always paid attention to the inheritance and development of traditional handicrafts. This Expo is also beneficial for the development and promotion of Chinese handicrafts. We all sincerely hope more and more people know about Chinese traditional handicrafts. Please continue to pay attention to this art and craft Expo.

Sand hourglass timer plastic

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