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Buy Together Help with the Development of Traditional Handicrafts Aug 12, 2022
In recent years, the consumption of traditional handicrafts has gradually ushered in a boom. Hand-woven bags, embroidered fans, antique hourglass ornaments, ceramic tableware, more and more traditional handicrafts are favored by young people. Traditional handicrafts are becoming fashionable. In order to help upgrade the traditional handicraft industry, Buy Together has also provided a great boost to traditional handicrafts.

Our country is committed to the development and inheritance of traditional handicrafts.  On July 29, Buy Together officially launched the "2022 Buy Together New Artisans" action, aimed at promoting some high-quality intangible cultural heritage and handicraft industry . This is of great help to some traditional handicrafts. Many handmade bracelets, porcelain and lantern hangings have a chance to be discovered by more people. There's nothing out of fashion about these incredibly beautiful traditional handicrafts, and they'll even work perfectly with your tabletop hour glass. This is the charm of traditional handicrafts.

The first phase of the campaign will run from early August to late October. I believe that through this activity, the sales of handicrafts can go to a new level. Today, even with the advent of electronic timers, the sandglass timer is still used as an accessory by many people, which shows that people have always recognized the decorative role of hand craftsmanship. It is hoped that more and more traditional handicrafts will be discovered and spread to all parts of the world.

Sandglass timer hourglass decor

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