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China Bans the Import of Many Types of Products from Taiwan Aug 10, 2022
The mainland including Hong Kong has been the largest export market in Taiwan in recent years. Many products in Taiwan are mainly imported into mainland China. It can be said that mainland China has played a very positive role in Taiwan's economic development. The incident of Pelosi's visit to Taiwan this time can be said to have completely broken through China's bottom line. In addition to military and diplomatic counterattacks, China has also directly banned a variety of Taiwan’s products from being imported into China.

The General Administration of Customs of China announced on the 1st that more than 100 illegal food manufacturers were banned from importing; on the 3rd, it announced again that it would suspend the import of Taiwan's citrus fruits and aquatic products to the mainland. This series of bans on Taiwan by China will have a great impact on the subsequent development of Taiwan.

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Most of Taiwan's food and aquatic products were imported to China in previous years. Not only the food industry, but the development of other industries after Taiwan will also be affected to a certain extent. Affected by the epidemic in the past two years, handicrafts have been difficult to develop. For example, hourglasses sand timer products, whether they are hour glasses with sand vintage collections or modern sand clock ornaments, have been affected by the epidemic. And some of China's economic sanctions on Taiwan will make it more difficult for many industries. China has always adhered to the reunification of the motherland. This incident has seriously violated China's sovereignty. China will take practical actions to safeguard China's sovereignty and unity.

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