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The Ghost Festival Aug 13, 2022
The fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month is the traditional Ghost Festival in China. In the folk, people will pay tribute to their deceased relatives on this day. This is a traditional custom of the Ghost Festival. Not only that, the origin and customs of the Ghost Festival are very rich, on this day, people will also do many interesting things. It is said that on this day, the souls and wild ghosts will be released. In order to remember the ancestors, people will prepare offerings and burn incense and paper to worship them.

In ancient times, people would also carry out many interesting folk activities on this day. At night, people will flock to the river to put river lanterns. People hope to put river lanterns to worship the ghosts and pray for them. And they also pray for a good rice harvest at their doorstep. So the Ghost Festival actually has a very good meaning. In addition. People also worship their ancestors on this day. It is believed that ancestors will also return home to visit their descendants at this time, so it is necessary to worship ancestors.
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Today, many custom activities of the Ghost Festival gradually fade out of people's view, but the arrival of the festival has been valued by people. Today, when many customs are not fulfilled, we can express good prayers and wishes in our own way. For example, we use a desk sand timer to express our thoughts and blessings to our ancestors. Just like the sand in the hourglass bottle slowly flows through, we always miss our relatives. Or use an hour sandglass to set the mood for nighttime prayers. Today, the Ghost Festival has become a festival for missing loved ones, and we can still carry out a lot of interesting activities to make our traditional festival develop better.

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