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Entering the Start of Mid-August Aug 15, 2022
Today is August 15, 2022, and it is also the day when it begins to enter mid-August this year, and this year's mid-August starts from today and ends on August 24th. Dog days are the hottest, humid and muggy times of the year.

Mid-August is cooler in the morning and evening, with strong sunlight and more rain during the day. During this time, the diet should be light, and you can eat more food such as lily and pear. And pay attention to the dining rules, even if you are busy with work, you can use an hourglass clock to set the working time, and eat on time when it is time to eat. When entering mid-August, you should also be careful to live a regular life, keep exercising, and use a timer sandglass to plan for half an hour of exercise every day. In order to ensure a good sleep, pay attention to maintaining a regular nap every day, and use a sand clock 30 minutes for timing. Entering the mid-August, we must also maintain a good diet and work and rest rules at all times to maintain good health.

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