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The Digitalization of Traditional Handicrafts Sep 22, 2022
Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to traditional handicrafts. In order to better spread and protect the traditional handicrafts, people have invested a lot of energy in the inheritance and protection of traditional handicrafts. Nowadays, digital traditional handicraft is more and more accepted and adopted by people. Digital development has brought great advantages to the development of traditional handicrafts. Just like the antique hourglass timer, it is difficult for us to directly feel and understand the making process of the cool sand clock and understand its cultural connotation. But the digitalization of handicrafts allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sand minute timer in a virtual way. The digitalization of handicrafts could also expand their reach.

The digitalization of traditional handicrafts reinterprets Chinese traditional crafts virtually, which injects new vitality into our traditional handicrafts and helps them to have more development directions and possibilities. The digitalization of traditional handicrafts has actually broken through the limitations of space and time. People can feel and understand traditional handicrafts in a more convenient and simple virtual way. This also greatly improves its dissemination efficiency, and the dissemination of content is no longer subject to various restrictions. This is the change and breakthrough that digitalization brings.

Sand glass hourglass

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