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Autumn Equinox Sep 23, 2022
Autumnal equinox is an important time of seasonal change, which means colder weather is coming closer. The heat of summer has worn off. With the arrival of autumn equinox, the temperature at night will gradually decrease and the temperature difference between day and night will gradually increase.
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In ancient times, the autumnal equinox was actually very interesting. Because the present Mid-Autumn Festival is transformed from the traditional autumn equinox. The original Mid-Autumn Festival is set in this day. But, autumn equinox does not necessarily have a full moon. In order to meet this condition, the Mid-Autumn Festival was later moved to August 15 of the lunar calendar. Today, the autumnal equinox represents more of a harvest season, which is the time of harvest, plowing and planting.

The arrival of autumn equinox will also mean that most areas of our country officially enter the cool autumn, the temperature gradually drops. In this season, people need to strengthen the physical exercise. In order to adapt to the weather changes, you could keep exercising to strengthen your body and improve your resistance to disease. An hours glass sand gives you the perfect help. A 15 min sand clock helps you warm up and a time sand glass 30 minutes monitors your workout. In order to prevent catching a cold, in addition to strengthening physical exercise, you should also pay attention to diet conditioning.

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