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Impact of the Epidemic on the Exhibition Sep 21, 2022
The arrival of holidays will also bring a variety of clustered activities, which is against the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. In order to ensure a good order of epidemic prevention before and after the holidays, many places in China require to reduce unnecessary gathering activities, cancel or delay some offline exhibitions.

Offline exhibitions are often cancelled or delayed due to the uncontrollable epidemic. Outbreaks can occur at any time, especially during holidays. In order to implement the epidemic prevention requirements and regulations, some exhibitions will inevitably be delayed or canceled, which is also unavoidable. Although the exhibition can make consumers more intuitive to contact and understand the characteristics of products, such as sandglass timer products. In the offline exhibition, consumers can closely observe the workmanship of sand moving clock and feel the texture of desk decor hour glass. And the exhibition can realize face-to-face communication between consumers and businesses. However, due to the epidemic, the cancellation and delay of the exhibition are inevitable. Epidemic prevention and control is still an issue that we need to attach great importance to at present.

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