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Straw Weaving in Vietnam Helps People Out of Poverty Aug 03, 2022
Vietnamese handicrafts are famous all over the world, and the workmanship is meticulous and exquisite. Many friends who travel to Vietnam will choose to shop in there to purchase the products they need or some special products of Vietnam. Just like the hourglass ornaments that can be seen everywhere, straw weaving in Vietnam is also very common. Straw handmade products are on the must-buy list of most tourists.
Sand timer decorative
Vietnamese straw is very cost-effective, durable and practical. Coupled with its delicate and beautiful appearance, Vietnamese straw is very suitable as a decorative object. For example, straw bags can be hung on the wall or on the shelf in the room. You can place it on a wall with decorations such as the wall sand timer. This can be very good to decorate your space and add to the artistic atmosphere of the room.
Sandglass wooden
The basic material of straw-woven craft products is Sedge, which is a monocotyledonous plant. After the sedge is harvested, it needs to be exposed to the sun for a long time for sterilization, and the skin of the leaves is dirty and unclean for peeling treatment. After the leaves are hardened, they are soft to the touch. The Khmer ethnic minority in Vietnam uses their own skillful hands to weave these sedge into small objects. Vietnamese straw weaving is also used by more people as decorative items along with some wood sand clock, bamboo weaving and other objects. These ethnic minorities have also solved the problem of poverty and achieved wealth growth through drafting.

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