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Global Focus on Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan Aug 03, 2022

Commentary on Pelosi's visit to Taiwan

Using the earliest advertisement, Pelosi Daily (Nike Talosi), the new step has become a 25-level US political ring to liberate Taiwan, touching the nerves, eliminating Baileys Baitai Taiwan, the military is more from May Taiwan military exercises. Liu Ruishuo, a Chinese commentator in Hong Kong said,The United States will not support "Taiwan independence", because it is not conducive to the United States playing the "Taiwan card", and Pelosi's visit will also achieve the intended purpose of strengthening the ties between the United States and many Asian countries. Objectively speaking, this visit to Taiwan is just a distraction It is not yet time for a confrontation between China and the United States.

On the mainland, Liu Ruishao believes that Beijing can turn passive into active and take advantage of it. For example, Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, can use this to further consolidate and consolidate its core and leadership position before the "Twenty National Congress", as well as strengthen its position in the military. commander-in-chief. Citing what is generally believed to be the mainland's sand table deduction, he pointed out that as long as the mainland takes a tough stance and takes actions against Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, and controls it to the level of "bright swords, brushed guns, but not excessive (referring to harming the specific interests of the United States)", then It is already a manifestation of "struggling for justice and national dignity, and showing the iron will to unify the motherland", which will help Beijing to take tougher actions against Taiwan in the future.

At the same time, like Liu Ruishao, a Chinese commentator in Hong Kong, New York Times columnist Feldman also believes that Pelosi's trip will help Xi Jinping win re-election at the "20th Party Congress", allowing Xi to divert people's concerns about the epidemic clearing policy, Real estate bubbles, financial crises, and huge government debt.

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In this way, China and the United States have won, only Taiwan has lost?
In Taiwan, whether it is China or the United States, it is a behemoth for him. If there is no US to check and balance it, how can Taiwan dare not to follow? The iron fist of socialism may come within an hour.
It's just that I have long been convinced that the use of force is impossible for Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. The same is true.
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