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The First Day of the China Consumer Expo's public Open Day Ushered in A Shopping Spree Aug 02, 2022

The First Day of the China Consumer Expo's public Open Day Ushered in A Shopping Spree

On July 29th, the 2nd China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Consumer Expo") ushered in the public open day. The reporter saw at the site of the Consumer Expo that many pavilions were very popular, and the citizens of the exhibition opened "buy shopping". "model. "Come up and experience our gaming chair. It is specially designed for gaming. It has multiple massage positions and is very comfortable." In the living and living booth of Hall 1, the staff of an gaming chair booth warmly invited the audience to visit. Consumers came forward to experience the exhibition, and after a while, the booth was full of people.

In Hall 4, the never-before-seen "robot freshly ground coffee" vending machine surprised consumers, "It takes less than a minute from ordering to picking up coffee, and it is freshly ground and tastes mellow and smooth. Slippery, this consumer experience is amazing!" Mr. Li, a consumer who visited the exhibition, took a sip of freshly ground coffee and praised that such a 24-hour unmanned coffee vending machine is very suitable for fast-paced urbanites in the epidemic era.

At the South China International High-end Jewelry Auction at the Consumer Expo, Ms. Liu, an audience member from Guangdong, took the long-cherished pearl earrings in one fell swoop. Ms. Liu said that she was very happy not only to be able to browse the world's top-quality goods at the Consumer Expo, but also to buy her favorite items at affordable prices.

vintage hourglass

In Hall 2, the reporter saw that many jewelry counters were very popular, and the audience had a strong desire to buy. "Gold jewelry is the most popular among consumers. In the past two days, we have sold more than ten gold bracelets." In front of a booth, salesperson Yang Lin told reporters that the new products on sale at the Consumer Expo were particularly popular.

In addition, handicrafts are also very popular, and the vintage hourglass timer makes almost everyone stop to watch, they are amazed that they have never seen such a delicate and gorgeous sand glass timer. In their inherent impression, the sandglass timer is just a children's toy rather than such a beautiful retro decoration, a collectible. They admitted that this large metal hourglass timer is very suitable to be placed in the home or office as a unique decoration. In addition, it is also a good choice as a gift for relatives and friends.

large sand timer

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