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Qixi Festival Promotes Romantic Consumption Aug 05, 2022
Chinese traditional festivals gradually be valued by people, yesterday's Qixi Festival is also set off a wave of consumption upsurge, and also led to the prevalence and development of romantic economy, all over the country ushered in a wave of consumption upsurge.
Sand timer for gift
Valentine's Day gifts became the most popular search terms, while lipstick, perfume, wine and necklaces became the most popular search terms. As the indispensable protagonist of Qixi Festival, flowers are ushered in a wave of consumption climax. The amount of consumption has increased several times as much as usual. Gift boxes, lipsticks, necklaces, perfumes and red wine are apparently the most popular gifts for the festival. Crystal hourglass, sand art clock, accessories and other small gifts are also suitable for Qixi festival gifts. And more and more couples are giving homemade gifts during the holidays. Then an empty sand timer filled with sand from a beach you've been to together would make a lot of sense!
Glass sand timer with sand
During Qixi Festival, restaurants and hotels also saw a small upsurge in consumption. To celebrate Qixi Festival, couples also like to have dinner together at a romantic restaurant. In short, romantic consumption surges in many industries during Qixi Festival.

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