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Hu Xijin Disappointed the Patriotic Warriors Aug 04, 2022

Hu Xijin Disappointed the Patriotic Warriors

After the information about Pelosi s visit to Taiwan leaked, Hu Xijin, who said he was "an eagle willing to participate in the public opinion war," went up in a threatening tone: He said that if Pelosi dared to come, the People's Liberation Army should send fighter jets to accompany her plane. If the US military plane escorted Pelosi to Taiwan, the People's Liberation Army warned to drive away, if ineffective, simply "shoot down". Hu Xijin even made arrangements for Pelosi in advance: "Let her come and say a prayer before she leaves.

China billions of people, can speak publicly, threaten others freely and "speak up" is little, but it is hard to imagine Mr Hu if there is no "the imperial sword" which the words he can say so reckless, even he is also very complacent: "I was active in the domestic public opinion field, is one of the online Chinese media industry's signature sound". Those who expressed opinions that were slightly out of official taste were blocked or warned that Hu Xijin would be treated differently.

Pelosi'S place landed safely in Taiwan's Songshan AIRPORT, Pelosi activities in Taiwan for 19 hours, in the world set off a whirlwind. it should be said, Hu Xijin has contributed. Sadly, however, many of the Chinese who had been encouraged by Hu Xijin to "take it seriously" refused, accusing him of "harming the country and the people" and severely damaging the "morale of the people".

Pelosi  Hu Xijin

How did it happen? In fact, if we take out the opinions of individual people, we will find that the tone is not so high, although it is also very serious, but the overall is normal. So who's out? Naturally, Hu Xijin was eliminated. If the totally unreliable methods and means (accompanying flying and shooting down) proposed by Hu Xijin are rendered as possible real methods and means (accompanying flying and shooting down) and the superfluous rhythm brought out by Hu Xijin are deleted, the remaining keynote content will be found to be normal.

But is this really the case? Why, in addition to Hu Xijin's own voice, so many officials have set off the atmosphere of war, stirring the nerves of more than a billion people in China? There seems to be only one voice left in the media. We hardly hear any different opinions from the so-called official media. Just like after Pelosi's real visit, the press was all set again, with the same platitudes.

We really don't need to dig into the reason, because no matter what nationality or race you are, as long as you are not the emperor, then you have some kind of injustice or another. As much as we want more rights, we can't. How can the really competent people, who are themselves vested interests, offend their own class for us?

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