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China's Birth Rate Is Still Falling Aug 05, 2022

China's Birth Rate Is Still Falling

China's latest data: Births under two- and three-child policies are still falling.

From the earliest formulation of two-child, three-child to maintain the birth rate itself is not very realistic, improvement can be, but the effect must be limited, the real problem is young people's willingness to marry and have a child, the wrong direction, the result is doomed. 

The development of the economy has always left the debt and pressure on the latecomers, the latter to bear or not to bear will lead to a low rate of marriage and childbearing. Then you have to roll over and over again to keep up with your debt payments. If we don't, we won't have a low-desire society.

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Combined with another hot spot: Dali buyers and housing enterprises share property rights, in fact, or in the future overdraft, impossible to get benefits, without a little cost.The solution to the fertility problem is unrealistic, and there is a way to alleviate it,But it's also hard, What we should do is to tilt macro resources towards the future instead of cutting leeks.

Our younger generation wants a house, a car, or even a decent job. How can we think about starting a family, how can we think about the issue of reproduction?
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