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Prolonged Covid Has Left as Many as 4 Million Americans Out of Work Aug 26, 2022
Prolonged Covid Has Left as Many as 4 Million Americans Out of Work

The pandemic continues to affect workers. New research says prolonged Covid symptoms, a combination of symptoms that appear months or even years after recovering from the virus, are keeping as many as 4 million Americans out of work. People who have Covid for a long time experience a range of symptoms that make it difficult to work, including brain fog, anxiety, depression, fatigue and breathing problems.


COVID-19 is not as genteel as people think, and its after-effects may be long-lasting. If you don't have enough immunity and physical fitness, you may not be able to withstand it. And with people watching YouTube or Tiktok at home these days, too many people don't have the fitness habit.

So I suggest that people can do more fun exercise at home. First,you can buy some excellent sand clock you like to time your exercise.The way to train is to find something that's harder for you, like Push up ,  and do the best youcan with a 5 minute hourglass timer.Or you can read some classic book like The Complete Works of William  Shakespeare. For this part,you can choose a 60 minute sandglass timer. You must be concentrate on it or you will be fail.I believe that you must be more successful and you will defend the Covid-19 in a way if you follow this way. The customized sand glass timer will be your good friend.

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