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The Dog Days of Summer Are Over Aug 25, 2022
From July 16 to August 24, the 40-day dog days of summer came to an end. After the dog days of summer, the hot weather will gradually cool down. Climate change will also bring about changes in people's daily routines. So in the following time, people also need to take care of your physical and mental health according to the changes in the weather, and maintain a healthy pace of life.
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After the dog days, the heat will go away gradually and the weather will be cool. Morning and evening the weather will become cooler, you need to pay attention to strengthen the exercise and keep healthy. In order to ensure safety, people should also strengthen exercise under appropriate and reasonable conditions. People can use home exercise equipment to exercise, sandglass 30 minutes to give you a good fitness experience. Under special circumstances, people who are isolated can also use mini sand timer to help you do aerobics and other exercises indoors to relax your bodies. A small glass jar for sand can help you immerse yourself into fitness. Exercise will also keep you in a good mood and nourish your body and mind.

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