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Plastic Surgeon Dies In His Own Clinic Aug 09, 2022

Plastic Surgeon Dies In His Own Clinic

The news of the plastic surgery expert's death in his outpatient clinic rushed to the hot search. It is understood that the case happened in Xi'an. The owner of the accident was the plastic surgery expert of the outpatient clinic. On the evening of July 16, he died unexpectedly due to an autologous filling operation, and it was determined that the cause of the incident was an anesthesia accident. And according to people familiar with the matter, this medical beauty clinic does not have the qualifications for general anesthesia surgery.

Such news should let more girls who want to have plastic surgery see that the risk of plastic surgery is difficult for even insiders to control. As laymen, how can we distinguish whether a plastic surgery institution can safely complete the surgery? What precautions do they have when accidents happen? This time, the plastic surgery facility was not even specialized in anesthesia, and the plastic surgeon seemed to know nothing about it. She never thought that one day she would die in the plastic surgery facility she trusted and practiced.
Everyone has the love of beauty. There's nothing wrong with that, and it all has to be based on adequate security. We can see, this decade, plastic surgery seems to have been wandering around us, it always waiting for you to sink, she always ready to pull you to the bottomless abyss.

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