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The 3rd “8.8” Beijing Sports Shopping Carnival Was Officially Launched Today Aug 09, 2022
On August 8, the 3rd "8·8" Beijing Sports Shopping Carnival was officially launched. From August 1, the carnival opened four online sections: "Online buying", "online booking", "online learning" and "online competition". This consumption festival also added the offline sports consumption carnival sports experience scene on the basis.

Because of the pandemic, a lot of physical activity and consumption has actually been limited. Over the past few months, Genghong Liu, a anchorperson of Chinese version of TikTok, has taken up the home-fitness craze. It's also a shift in the way people live under the pandemic. But it also proves that sports are a very important part of it. Even if they are isolated at home and unable to go out, most residents are exercising at home using fitness equipment. The market potential of sports consumption is always worth paying attention to. Exercise at home can be assisted by a sand watch timer. The hourglass sand clock helps us to schedule a reasonable amount of time for exercise. A sandglass 60 minutes helps us move and relax our bodies.

The recent epidemic at home and abroad has also been repeated. The 3rd "8·8" Beijing Sports Shopping Carnival, which lasts for a month, is also aimed at actively revitalizing the sports consumption market, promoting the growth of sports consumption and maintaining stable economic growth.

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