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Hangzhou’s New Mode of Exhibition Aug 16, 2022
Recently, Hangzhou has launched a new mode of holding foreign exhibitions, and organized chartered flights for corporate delegations to depart from China to Japan and Indonesia respectively. The innovative mode of this exhibition is also to better carry out business and exhibition activities in other countries and stimulate consumption vitality.

This innovative exhibition form and measures launched by Hangzhou can be said to be a very novel and bold attempt. Business delegations took their products along the route to Japan and Indonesia. Mutual understanding and cooperation with foreign consumer goods exhibitions is also to promote the better development of business exchanges.

Through this way of communication and sharing, business exchanges between countries will be closer. The exhibition has always been a display base and exchange window for all kinds of commodities. Through the exhibition activities, more and more products such as metal hourglass, wood sand timer and glass sand clock have entered the consumer field. The innovative and open exhibition forms need more attention.

Sandglass 60 Minutes

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