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Italy Inherits and Protects Its Traditional Crafts Aug 17, 2022
Italy actively protects and inherits its traditional handicrafts. Italian handicrafts have greatly impressed people all over the world. Clothes, clocks, piano, hour glass ornaments and other Italian handicrafts have been sold all over the world. Throughout Italy, people can often see hundreds of years of old handicraft shops. In some watch shops, you can still see craftsmen making clocks, and even sand timer clock made entirely by hand. The development of industrialization has a great threat to the traditional handicrafts. But Italy has always attached great importance to the development of traditional handicrafts.

All levels and organizations of Italian society are active in protecting traditional crafts. Italy also holds various handicrafts exhibitions to attract more people to learn about Italian handicrafts through handicraft exhibitions and trade fairs. From hand-crafted violins to small furniture accessories such as sand watch home decor, the quality of Italian handicrafts has long been praised.

In the future, Italy will continue to devote itself to the dissemination and revival of various handicrafts, and continue to promote the development and growth of traditional handicrafts.

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