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Great Challenges for Handmade Carpets in Turkey Sep 06, 2022
Turkish carpet is a kind of woolen fabric originally produced in Turkey. It is one of the representative folk artworks in Turkey and occupies an important position in the international carpets. In home decor, Turkish carpets can be perfectly integrated with modern furniture accessories such as hourglass timer sand clock home decoration, which is very versatile. The main raw materials of Turkish carpets are wool, silk and cotton. The carpets exported by Turkey are mainly woven carpets and tuff carpets, while the proportion of handmade carpets in Turkey is relatively small.

First and foremost, Turkey's interest in traditional carpet-weaving is waning, with artisanal practitioners dwindling. The Turkish handmade carpet industry is also under great competitive pressure from other carpet competitors. And from the export volume, more people choose machine-woven carpet. We can also see machine-woven carpet in life commonly. In home decor, for example, modern hour glasses are more common than antique sand clocks. Because the modern design style decoration more easily match with the different home style.

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