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The Hourglass and Life Aug 12, 2022
Hourglass, also called sand clock, is a device for measuring time. The inside of the clock timer is divided into upper and lower parts. When the hour glass is turned over, the sand starts to flow down. The sand is piled high at the bottom until all the sand is gone, covering the sand below. Flip it over again, and it's a new time. The hourglass is more commonly used today as an ornament. Elegant sand clock can play the role of ornament and decoration, beautify the indoor environment at the same time can also bring users pleasure and relaxation. So many people will choose the personalized hour glasses placed in their personal space, watching the sand in the glass bottle goes by, people tend to feel relaxed, as if the trouble and sand are flowing away.

In fact, the sand glass container is sometimes very similar to life. So we can also use an hourglass timer as a metaphor for our life. Time will not come back in the past, just like the sand in the sand glass. And the additive that enriches life is the various colors of sand in the hourglass. Warm red, clean white, every kind of different color represents a kind of different life. Watching the sand pass through the sandglass is like experiencing a life. In fact, the time in our life is also very precious, the past will not come back. We can only cherish the moment, and try to live now.

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