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Choose An Hourglass Gift Aug 13, 2022
The hourglass is not only for your own use and collection, but also a great gift for friends. Giving an hour glass can show your special love and sincere wishes. The sand in the sand glass is the good memories between friends, and the process of the sand falling is also the process of recalling the good fragments between friends. Here are some tips to help you find a sand clock gift.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Loved Ones

This crystal sand timer is elegant and beautiful, luxurious and classic. This timer is sure to catch your lover's attention and she or he will fall in love with it immediately. It can also help relieve stress and relieve the effects of eye strain. This is a great gift for a loved one.

Sand Timer 5 Min

A Housewarming Gift

Time is like quicksand, slow but never stops, and beautiful things are like quicksand. The hourglass represents a beautiful meaning. When your friend has a housewarming party, give your friend this sandglass 60 minute timer hourglass for ornament decoration to add new scenery to your friend's new house. This will amaze your friends and is the perfect gift for you.

Wood hourglass sand timer

Birthday Gift Wedding Gift

The sandglass can be used as a time device for leisure or doing something, so it is a very practical gift. And, beautiful and exquisite hour glass with sand still can build a kind of romantic atmosphere, reflect furniture style and characteristic. On a special occasion, express your sincere wishes to your friends with this modern sand watch.

Glass hour glass with sand 5 minutes

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