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An Hourglass for Autistic Children Aug 11, 2022
We use an hourglass to time all kinds of activities, as well as for ornaments, gifts, and personal collections. After all, we often see all kinds of fancy sand timer around us, so you know that hour sand glasses can also help children with autism?

Children with autism often perceive the world through their senses, such as smell, hearing, and sight. A sand of time clock can be used as a visual toy for children with autism. This sensory tool also provides visual stimulation, which helps improve visual tracking skills and concentration. Parents can use this sensory play to help their child stay on task. Use the sand glass as a visual cue to remind the children that their task completion time is approaching. And it can help children with anxiety and stress.

Parents play with their children through the large hour glasses with sand. In the world of autistic children, what they see most are their parents. No professional teacher or doctor can replace the role played by parents in the process of rehabilitation. Autistic children need their families around them. In this process, parents can teach their children to play the sand watch and use the timer clock to help them plan the time of day so that they have a clear sense of what should be done at what time. Use a sandglass timer to help your child develop perception is really worth trying.

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