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How Do You Spend Your Holiday Jul 06, 2022

Holiday is the most relaxed time,no burden,no scruples. When the holiday comes,it means students can not go to school,they can not face the complicated study. During this time, everyone just has to have fun and relax. And usually in the holiday, students will also through a lot of activities to enrich their holiday life, but also exercise their comprehensive quality.

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Keep reading. American students attach great importance to reading. It is their habit to spend a certain amount of time reading every day. For the lower grades, there is a special prize reading program. At the beginning of the summer, children were given a reading time sheet, which required them to read for half an hour or listen to adults for half an hour each day. Therefore, many students still read books every day during the holidays. Use a 30 min sand timer to help them manage their reading time. And the timer hourglass monitors their reading progress.

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Go to summer camp. There are special teachers to organize everyone's activities. The content of summer camp is rich and colorful, including gymnastics camp, science camp, field camp, plant camp, insect camp, performance camp and so on. Winter camp activities are also particularly numerous, such as tennis, swimming, survival, small journalists, farm winter camp and so on. Through summer and winter camps, students have the opportunity to meet many new people with common interests.

Travel. Holidays can be a relaxing time for the whole family to travel together. In summer, you can choose to go to the beach. It must be so cool and comfortable. You can also use an empty hourglass sand timer to fill some sand from the beach and take it home to keep memories of your trip and summer.

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