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Create Your Own Office Jul 07, 2022
The office is the place where workers spend most of their time every day. From the time you arrive in the office in the morning to the time you leave at night, your sphere of activity is there. So the office is almost a worker's second home. A lot of your activities are carried out here, and a lot of your time is spent here. We spend a third of our life at work. While at the office, you’re expected to be productive, creative, and social. The design of your office greatly affects how you feel and think.

Here are some tips for decorating your office to make it a pleasant place to be.

  • Using plants

Often the office feels monotonous. We often come in before sunrise and leave after sunset. The walls were made of white brick without any decoration.
Sand Timer Hourglass in Bulk
Naturally, we want to go outside and find ourselves drawing Windows on a chalkboard and looking out at the beautiful scenery. Why do we resort to this solution? We are looking for relaxation, looking at nature to relax the mind. Therefore, we can choose to add some green plants in the office, which can not only purify the air but also relax the mood and relieve fatigue.

  • Prepare something familiar

Most of your time you may stay at the company for work, so if you wanna stay more comfortable you can take some familiar goods. If you think about it, you'll be able to use stuff from your previous home at work, so you'll feel like you belong at home, too. Each of us is most comfortable and relaxed in our own homes, so when we relax, we actually help increase our productivity.

DIY sand clock is a great item for your office, and you can even opt for a custom hourglass timer. Use a 10 minute hourglass on your desk to both decorate your desk and monitor your work. You'll also be able to exercise more self-control and increase productivity.

Sandglass Decor Hourglass Customized

By: Kristy Palombo

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