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Hourglass Sleeping Lamp——A Magic Device to Help Sleep Jul 18, 2022

Nowadays, the pace of life is fast, people are facing more and more fast running life and work, which also produces a lot of pressure. Due to the pressure of life, many people also have sleep problems. Do you suffer from insomnia? Or do friends around you have trouble sleeping? There are also a lot of products on the market that help people get to sleep, because sleep is a real struggle for many people. Not being able to sleep can have an impact on normal work and life, as well as one's health. Insomniac friends must have tried many methods or products to help sleep. So have you tried a sand timer for sleep hourglass with a sleeping lamp?

Sand Clock Shower
According to science, 15 minutes is a healthy time to fall asleep. A 15 min sand timer sleep lamp is a great sleep aid. The hourglass sleeping lamp is a clever combination of the timing hourglass and the modern night lamp. It also works very simply. It is divided into two parts: the hourglass and the base. When the hourglass is placed on its base, a switch can be flipped and the lights inside the hourglass glow. As the sand slides down the gap, the light below is gradually buried by the sand, until 15 minutes later, the sand is all gone and the soft light is completely covered. So a 15-minute sandglass timer can help you fall asleep and guarantee the quality of your sleep right.

Decorative Sand Timer for Gifts

A sand hourglass decorative sleep lamp is really a very suitable product for people with insomnia. If you suffer from insomnia, you may as well try this product. You may find something unexpected. Or you can choose this product as a gift to your friends and loved ones to help them better solve their sleep problems.

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