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Factors Affecting the Time of An Hourglass Timer Jul 19, 2022
The decorative hourglass sand timer, used as a timekeeping tool, is now more of a tabletop decoration. Many people buy a sandglass timer clock just to decorate a room and serve as a decoration. Some people also like decorative sand timer art, so they collect some very beautiful hourglasses. We all know that the hourglass is still a timekeeping device, even though most of us use our phones and other devices to keep time. The sand timer is still an option for some people. We all know that an hourglass sand timer can't be completely accurate and error-free. Do you know what factors affect the time of an hourglass?
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Factors that affect the sandglass hourglass sand timer clock include the amount of filler, the curved shape of the inside of the glass sphere (the timing length of the hourglass is slightly different when it is upright or inverted), the width of the tube in the neck, and the type and quality of the filler. The earliest hourglasses used ground tomb marble, iron shavings and eggshell powder. Modern sand timers usually use artificial glass beads. According to German hourglass manufacturer KOCH's documentation, the error of a 30-minute hourglass can be within one minute, and that of an hourglass within five minutes. It is important to note that the hourglass is not a timekeeping instrument comparable to the accuracy of modern timekeeping instruments.
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Still, vintage sand watch for office is a good timekeeping tool of choice. Because electronic devices keep time, all we see are numbers, and gradually we lose the sense of time. A sand watch timer gives us a real sense of time. As the sand slowly flowed away, so did the time. This can enhance our sense of time, cherish time more, at the same time enhance our efficiency, improve the speed of work. Using a sandglass sand clock is a great way to stay away from electronics, and stay focused on getting one thing done.

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