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How to Use Fragmented Time Effectively Jul 16, 2022
In our working lives, the time that is left after finishing a task earlier than expected is called fragment time. In general, fragmented time refers to time that is not scheduled or scheduled. Because it is scattered and irregular, it is called fragmentary time. So how do we schedule our fragmented time? Usually, we waste a lot of fragmented time looking at our phones. A sand clock for decor helps us visualize the passage of time, which when we're on our phones often feels like it's passed after just a few short videos.
Glass Sand Clock Customized
So how can we make the most of our fragmented time in the limited condition? Here are some tips for us to follow.

Set a short-term goal. Because the fragmentation time is relatively scattered. All we have is a relatively short amount of time. So what can we do to make good use of these scattered short time? We just need to have a clear goal. Assuming we set a goal of finishing a book this week, we can use the time to keep reading. Through this accumulation, we are moving towards our goals. So a clear goal is essential, with a goal to have a direction.

Clear fragmentation time planning. Originally these hours are also relatively free or irregular, so how to plan the time is very important. Schedule 15 minutes of shut-eye and then 15 minutes on your phone after work at noon. Use a sandglass hourglass sand timer to help you do this properly. That is, you need to organize the free time reasonably so that you don't waste it.
Vintage Sandglass Timer for Decor
Stay focused. It's also often hard to stay focused and focused during fragmented time. To be productive, we need to immerse ourselves in the task itself. For example, if we spend half an hour before bed answering emails, we could use a sand hourglass 30 minutes to help us stay focused. During those 30 minutes, focus on just one thing: answering emails. Don't let other things distract us. This is an important point.

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