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Hourglass Game During the Mid-Autumn Festival Aug 24, 2022

August is coming to an end, and it is already autumn in many places, as well as the countdown to the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in September.According to the Chinese government website, The State Council previously issued a notice on the arrangement of some holidays in 2022. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival holiday will be from September 10 to 12, with a total of three days off. It is worth noting that there will be no holidays this year. September 10 also coincides with Teachers' Day and World Suicide Prevention Day.

Mid-Autumn Festival

What do Chinese people do during the rare three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday? Most people go for family reunions and field trips, while others may just stay home and watch soap operas. And, of course, enjoy the moon while eating moon cakes at night. No matter what they do, people try to relieve themselves of the pressure of work and relax their body and mind!

I think it's good to have more parent-child activities and spend more time with children during the holidays. It's good for the child's development.Adults can use a fun hourglass sand timer to play a timer game with children: after the 15-minute sandglass timer runs out, see who has done better, more, and faster. And for the choice of hourglass, I recommend using the plastic sand clock, because this kind of sand watch is not expensive, more importantly, it is light enough and safe enough.

Plastic hourglass

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