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The Hourglass Is Indispensable to Home Life Under the Epidemic Aug 23, 2022
Due to the epidemic, the "curtilage economy" developed. The epidemic has brought a great impact on people's daily life and work, and the "curtilage economy" is becoming a new trend. Because of the pandemic, people are sometimes forced to stay at home. Then people stay at home, entertainment needs are essential. The epidemic has also made more people return home and pay attention to the quality of their lives.

Smart home into life. The smart home, in its simplest description, refers to intelligent machines that serve the home. The most obvious phenomenon is that people have begun to increase their consumption of products for home use. Workers who work from home because of the pandemic and students who take online classes from home are starting to consume more smart products. This is a sign that they care about their quality of life.

Work life balance. Working from home eliminates the need for travel. You don't have to spend time and energy traveling, and travel time can be saved to accomplish other things. And working from home eliminates the need to prepare for going out, so you can dress comfortably and work from home. But when you work from home, you inevitably mix your life with your work. At this point, an hourglass sand timer is very important. First, a sand bottle glass can help you break down your goals. Then you can get down to work under the watchful eye of a sand watch home decor. With the perfect work-life balance, you can really improve the quality of your life.

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