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An Hourglass Timer Used in Weddings Aug 24, 2022
The modern hourglass is very simple to make, and it has degraded from the function of telling the time to just serving as decoration. Perhaps the sandglass timer clock has been endowed with too many meanings of love in modern times, so the hour glass is synonymous with romance, and the sand timer has become a synonym for love. Modern hour glasses are made of clear glass and colored sand to keep track of time.

Wedding can be said to be a very important ceremony in one's life. Then people will be careful to choose their wedding venue. Many weddings will be held on the island, very romantic. Then at the wedding, you can choose to fill a sand glass with some sand from the local beach, which means your love will last forever. It can express the hope that your love is like sand, it can last forever. It has become a very romantic symbol, so many people will choose to fill the empty sand clock with sand from the wedding place, as a memorial and memory. It's a great way to remember an important moment in your life and to have something to look back on later.
Glass hourglass sand

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