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The Different Meanings of the Hourglass Gift Jul 20, 2022
As a kind of handwork decoration, the decorative hour glasses with sand is ubiquitous in our life everywhere. The sand timer clock is beautiful in appearance and has the function of keeping time, so many people give it as a gift to their relatives and friends. A sandglass hourglass timer is definitely an appropriate gift. But when choosing a sand watch as a gift to give to friends and family, have you ever understood the meaning of giving an hourglass?
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The meaning of hourglass for ornament decoration is different for different people. When you give an sand clock to a casual friend, it means remembering the past and cherishing the friendship. If a boy gives a girl an hour glass, it means waiting and time. It means a boy can wait for a girl with the patience of the sand trickling out of an hourglass. On the contrary, the girl gives the boy a sand glass to show that time passes quickly and youth is short, hoping that the boy cherish himself.

According to the color of the sand timer, different colors of the timer also have different connotations. Different colors represent different meaning. The white hour glass is a gift of growth, showing love and affection. The blue sand clock symbolizes vitality of life and farewell. Hour glass with purple sand represents the noble love and hope for a lifetime. The yellow sand timer symbolizes purity and friendship, and it means that purity and friendship can be kept in the heart as time goes by. Pink hourglass sand timer symbolizes innocence. The exact meaning of each color is different. So if you're choosing an hourglass as a gift for a friend, you need to pay attention to these details.

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