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A Three-minute Hourglass Aug 15, 2022
People who like to collect vintage hourglass sand timer must have heard such a story, right? A Japanese named Jinsuke Nishimura has been looking for opportunities to start a business. Once he stumbled upon the neglected hourglass. At that time, the sand clock had been replaced by the clock, and it became a useless decoration. Looking at this sand timer, Nishimura Jinsuke became interested. After some thought, he decided to open a sand clock production workshop.

However, this sand hour clock, as a kind of ancient timer, can no longer play its value when the clock prevails. And the sandglass is not so interesting, nor can it attract children's interest to become their favorite toy. As a result, sand glass sales were in trouble for a while. The sand watch produced is nowhere to be sold. The sand timer factory was also forced to close. However, Nishimura Jinsuke did not give up the sand clock career. Later, inadvertently, he was inspired by the changing role of the modern horse.

Moreover, at that time, the Japanese had to pay a high fee to make calls beyond the prescribed time. He wanted to design an hour glasses with sand 3 minutes, so that it could solve people's problems. He started doing research, and eventually his sand watch 3 minutes developed so well that he won success ultimately.

3 Minutes hourglass

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