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An Hourglass Helps You Lose Weight Sep 02, 2022
Nowadays, people have paid more and more attention to the health problem. Physical health is the most basic and important thing. But as all kinds of junk food and unhealthy food are enjoyed by more and more people, it leads to obesity. And now the epidemic causes most people will stay at home isolation and lack of exercise, more likely to cause obesity. We don't advocate excessive weight loss, but we also need to keep a healthy body. So if obesity is harmful to our health, losing weight is necessary.

In the current severe situation of the epidemic, most people are isolated at home. We can also exercise and lose weight in some ways. For example, we can use a plastic hour glass with sand to time a 15-minute plank or a 20-minute sit-up. A 15 min hourglass and a sand clock 20 minutes help you perfectly enjoy the exercise. If you have fitness equipment at home, you can exercise directly with the equipment. Even if you stay at home every day, you need some exercise to strengthen your body. In addition, we also need to pay attention to reduce the consumption of junk food and unhealthy food, to ensure a balanced mix of nutrients.

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