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Hourglass for Timing in Life Sep 03, 2022
The hour sand timer is one of the more common gadgets available in many boutiques. The sand glass, which consists of two glass spheres and a narrow connecting tube filled with sand, has been made more and more elaborate to win customers. However, the sand watch was not originally intended for play, and only lost its place in timekeeping with the advent of clocks and watches. Although the hourglasses with sand is very simple in structure, it is also a kind of time measuring device.

In a sand clock bottle, it takes a fraction of the time for sand from one sphere to flow through the pipe into the other, and people measure the time. The sand clock is much like the stopwatch we normally use. Once all the sand has drained into the bottom glass, it can be turned over to measure the time again. This is why the sandglass is different from ordinary timepieces. It is very convenient to use, especially when measuring short periods of time. It is a simple ancient people using simple tools to measure the time of a way to reflect the great creativity of human beings. Even today, the hour glass with sand has its uses, helping to time small activities.

Wood hourglass sand timer

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