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A Handmade Hourglass As A Teacher's Day Gift Sep 01, 2022
September 10 this year falls not only on the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday, but also on Teachers' Day. In the process of our learning and growth, teachers have made a great contribution to our growth, and also pointed out the direction for our future. In the whole process of learning, the help brought by the teacher is very great. However, we have very little to give back to our teachers, so during their important festivals, we can express our gratitude to our teachers through some handmade products, such as diy hourglass sand timer.

In order to be grateful to all the teachers around us, we can prepare a special gift for our beloved teachers when the festival is coming. Express our gratitude to the teachers by giving them a small decorative hourglass made by ourself. An hour glass is very simple to make and finish, but it represents our respect and gratitude to teachers. A sand timer gift, contains our countless feelings, expressing our respect and love for the teacher, also wish the teacher to have a happy holiday.

Decorative hourglass gifts

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