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Wholesale Colorful Hourglass Sandglass Timer Wooden Frame

This wooden sand clock is handcrafted from solid beech wood and nature sand. Sizes of the sandglass and colors of the wooden frame and sand can be customized based on multiple customer requests.

White or black color wooden frame in simple design style, both modern and practical, the wood hourglass is a creative home decoration, office decoration, makes a great choice of gift for family,friends, loved one's special occasion, birthday, moving new house, new job, Christmas...

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  • Order(MOQ):

    100 pcs
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  • Color:

    White,black, cutomised
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    FOB SZ
  • Lead Time:

    30 days
Black White Hourglass Decor With Wooden Frame Colorful Sandglass Timer

Wooden Sand Timer Description:

This modern wooden sand timer is an eye-catching touch for home office desk decoration. Classic white or black color and simple modern design wood frame of the hourglass timer is perfect fit for a modern decoration room, while the bright colorful sand inside glass timer will be an eye-catching touch in the room.

Wooden Sand Timer Use Occasion: 

  • Beautiful and unique desktop decoration, using beech wood and high borosilicate,  the white hourglass decor is durable and perfect for decoration.
  • The two minute sand timer wood can be used as a timing tool for work, making it easier to follow up your work
  •  The style of sand clock decor shows taste, which can be placed on office desk, shelf or anywhere you want to decorate.
  • The sand glass timer help to develop  sense of time, perfect gift for lover, friend or family.
  • Fancy hourglass work art, fashionable and distinctive, suitable for living room, bedroom, study, office and other places.

black wood sand timerwhite hourglass

Wooden Sand Timer Details:

Material  Beech wood+glass+sand
Size 4.9‘*8", 3.9“*5.8", customized 
Running time 1-60min, customised 
Fit for 

Living room, bedroom, study, office and other places


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