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The New Term Is About to Begin Aug 27, 2022
After the long leisure holiday, the students soon ushered in the school time. In September, most students will return to school. So after nearly two months of rest at home, how should students adjust their best condition to go back to school? Here are some suggestions you can follow.

Adjust your body clock and get used to the rhythm of school life in advance. During this time, do not schedule time consuming entertainment activities, maintain energy, gradually adjust back to school body clock. Use a minute sand clock in the morning to help you complete your study tasks and avoid using your phone too much. While it's easy to get caught up in your phone and lose focus on your studies, a sand bottle glass allows you to focus on your studies. In these days, use the children hour glass to help you complete your study plan and familiarize yourself with the school's daily routine in advance.

Really into the study, do a good job in the new semester planning. Whether it is to review the old knowledge or preview the new knowledge, put into learning to advance the channel on the lubricant. You need to think about what you are going to do in the new semester, plan ahead, and define your goals and tasks for the new semester.

Glass sand hourglass

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